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All photography books are self-published by the author and available from him directly.  They are brand new, autographed by request and includes shipping except where noted.  Contact us at fotoclass@aol.com for details.  Cash or check (made payable to "Stan Trzoniec") only please. Autographed books are non-refundable.
The Adventures of Aimee, Sophie, and Sam©

A new book by Stan Trzoniec, this is a light-hearted combination of adventures by his three felines.  All fiction, there are parts of the book that are real life experiences with the cats and then there are parts where Sophie gets lost, makes friends with a fox and he helps her find her way back to the house.  Aimee gets kidnapped by a neighbor right up the road, Sam makes friends with a cat that the owner has lost his interest and well, you have to read the book to find out the happy ending to all of the adventures.  Paperback book, 225 pages, illustrated by the author with photographs of the stars of the book with a glossy, color cover.  Available autographed by the author at $12.95 + 2.50 shipping. Easy reading for all ages and a great gift for any of your friends.

Soft Cover  $ 12.95, $ 2.50 shipping
Images of the Present©

A soft cover 76 page photographic book dealing with techniques and how to put them in practice.  I share a vast selection of images and provide tips on how they were created.  Every topic from buying equipment to capturing the perfect shot is covered.

Soft Cover  $ 30.00
with free shipping!
Autumn in the Country©

A photo essay type of  book dealing with the color and richness of the fall season.  Photographs from his home base in New England as well as around the country will be included as well as tips and techniques on how to photograph this great time of year.  120 pages. Foreword by Jim Clark, Contributing Editor of Outdoor Photographer magazine.

(sold out) $ 59.99
Soft Cover $ 49.99
with free shipping!
Digital Outdoor Photography©

This particular book will be slanted towards all of the techniques of the new digital age of photography.  From modern digital single lens reflex cameras to lenses, downloading in the field and showing off your work this is a must have book for any photographer above the point and shoot camera.  Soft Cover only with the foreword by George Schaub, Editor of Shutterbug Magazine.  If you want a easy to read book on digital photography, this is it!  Fully illustrated, 110 pages.

Soft Cover Only $ 35.00
with free shipping!
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